Dear Mike, I've always known you were very talented, but even your Dad never got to know how much. Lots of love, keep up the good work. (Proud Step-Mother Pat)
Hello. I'm a psychiatrist practicing at the State Hospital in Phoenix. Your music is beautiful. I'll have to get your CDs and play them for my SMI patients...better than drugs. :)
I just wanted to reach out and tell you that your music "River Below" from Songs of Love and Hope was a significant part of a personal epiphany this morning for me. Two days ago, my beloved lover told me he still wanted to see others. This was a shock for many reasons, but what is important is that in the midst of my grief & mediation about my life, & feeling adrift, I decided to re-read a book by the Dali Lama, while I had "Sound scapes" on my cable TV. Hearing your music, I came back into the living room and saw your smiling face and your eyes looking right into the camera. It felt like part of a beginning healing (along with the words I had been reading and prayers. Just wanted to say thanks.
Hi Michael, ...I just heard the song on soundscapes"Eagle Above, River Below",..just what I needed to handle a rough day!...My son has a rare disorder that is 1 in 10 million, and he survived cancer. I walk alone and stand alone, divorced with 4,..3 at home. I have no family, and your music was just what I needed to patch up the day!....I turned on the channel by accident,...BUT I don't believe in accidents!..this was meant for me to hear!.Thanks again, Sheri
great site! amaizing music! see you at UOP!
I love your distant shores,beautiful.(the promsie) It took me beyond this plane and into the next realm!
I currently paint to your music. my medium is abstract watercolor, gouache, and tempura. The results have been positive and I think your music is represented in my work. Contact me by e-mail if you would like to see some of the paintings.
I heard Guardian of the Plains on cable tv. This peice really struck me. You have a great way of sharing peace. Thanks
I just listened to your music for the first time on pandora on the "soothing waters channel". I feel it in my soul. Thank you.
I heard your music on cable Soundscapes. It is incredibly soothing and beautiful!
I heard Love's Anticipation while listening to Music Choice soundscape & washing dishes. The song was so beautiful that I raced over to see who the artist was. I must buy this CD. I'm generally an R&B music lover.
I LOVE "Journey Within" on "Journey Within," which is the only song of yours Pandora plays for me. I wish it went on for 2 hours more! Being poor, I've been reluctant to get the album (what if I don't like the other tracks?), but having read your bio I will now have to get it. Please keep up the beautiful work!
Lots of water under the bridge, Michael! Glad to see my old college roommate is doing so well - best wishes to you. Listened to a bit of your music - very impressive!
wonderful sound stories for the ear that make your eyes close
Great site, Michael! Thank you for giving me your card at the governance meeting so I could hear your amazing work!
I find peace and healing in your music. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Hello Michael ! I truly did enjoy writing my review at about your newest album The Promise. What a nice transition in music Sir ! The very best to you. John.
Wow! New Age music with substance. Well done
Just want to send a thanks your way for your beautiful music. It is very soothing for the soul
The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you
My daughters name is Leela. She is 6 and will be starting piano lessons this Fall. She has a great musical ear, loves classical music and loves to dance and sing. I practice Yoga and my husband listens and downloads various meditation CD's. My husband also has produced many albums for various artists with dreams of getting into the music business. We live in Texas currently but are from the Silicion Valley area. I just thought you might find all these things in common vary intersting. Maybe we will cross paths ones day. Good luck in your life ventures. Namaste.
Michael - Wow. It sounds like your music is set to accomplish all you hoped it would. Beautiful. Long time ago in the Del Webb, 6th floor, KFIG. Would love to reconnect.
Good site, admin. are in another musician and so to be retired MFT...I feel I am beginning a road you have traveled...I just purchased a Korg M3 synth and I moving out of smooth jazz into new age...I guess being 58 has something to do with it (LOL)...thanks for your music. your website and your great attitude...I work in a lot of isolation...both with psychotherapy and music...and sometimes the aloneness is unbearable...but you and others are my inpiration and I keep you in my thoughts which helps my rise above and experience the the joy of music creation once again. My son lives in Fresno and maybe on some visit we could connect for lunch and share our love of music...thanks for all you do...BTW...I hooked up with you on myspace so you can gander at my music and bio...cheers!
Very interesting site, Hope it will always be alive!
Hello Micheal, I really need to hear more of your relaxing music. Its really good for my soul and my HBP. Its refreshing to know a Stribling has such musical talents other than myself. I will send you a tune or two in the future.
This is all good music and everybody should know. from the heart, Alice
Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.
Awesome! Glad I met you in person!
A great resource - many thanks!
Hi. Good site.
Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.
I was listening to SoundScapes, 1/2 listening, when suddenly your music reached out and grabbed my conscience and ushered me into His was "Peace at Sea", WOW, it surrounded me and captured me I was enthralled, your music is quieting and relaxing, I truly felt Peace.
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Hey, you said to Google you, so I did. good stuff. I play the piano too. Love the music!
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thx for such a great work in my life i really appreciate it
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Hi Michael, Nancy and I were thinking about you recently. She suggested that I google you. That's how I found your website. You're looking great! I hope everything is as good as it looks. I sure would like to see you again. Let me know where and when we can get together. Fond memories, Ray
Michael, We have the same last name and I'm from Mississippi, but have lived on the west coast since 1954. Would love to hear back from you and may GOD richly bless you.
I'm very interisting your actions. You my new god. AAA!!!
Just a blast from your past who stumbled on your Web site and thought I'd say hello. Your writing that cadence based on a riff from my Harry Nilsson record and teaching us all to play it is still a very vivid memory for me. :) Seems like you're well and happy -- good! Me too. All the best to you... Jamie (Clarke) Chavez
Cool site.
Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long ago
aBkGTP Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
Thank you for such good site. It is sorry that before him did not find
I'm curious- Are U related to Charles Stribling, mostly of Sacramento, Ca? Died in 1991- a friend. Let me know-one way or the other- Thanx!
My name is Sean Dockery and I am really enjoying “Out of the Darness into the Light”. Simply beautiful! I am also a music composer (new-age and electronic) and finally after 20 years or so of writing I feel that I have a project that has a good chance of getting me noticed. The problem I am having, though, is finding a mixing engineer who both loves and has experience with new-age/electronic music. I have already twice been disappointed by mixing engineers where I live in Las Vegas, so my wife brilliantly suggested that I ask some of my favorite music artists with similar writing-styles for advice…….so here I am. If you have some time to give me some recommendations or get me in touch with a trusted mixing engineer/producer I would be most grateful. I have already spent a small fortune of our own money completing this and am willing to spend, within reason, whatever it will take to make my tracks live up to my intended vision. Thank you very much and keep up the good work! Sean Dockery
Newsletter please
Hi Michael! neat website! will try to see if I can get this gizwad to work/possibly preview some sounds! geesh! a music scene in Bakersfield!? Ever heard the CD 'Officium'? sounds on my IPod and the latest Cirque just here in LA tho my nearly favorite was 'Ka'. Pls not to use my email for any purpose than this visit. See you around UoP campus.
Michael, Awesome.....doesn't even begin to describe your music. I can feel it and I can see it. Thank you for sharing your passion and gift. Valerie
Michael, What a beautiful Site--presented so effectively--with taste, dignity, poise--and pure class. I'm so glad to see you showcasing your fine musical expressions. Thank you for your creative excellence and your friendship. {Your Cartoonist-and-Wannabe-Musician-at-Large.}
Hello Michael, I was listening to Sound Scapes on my satellite radio and there you were. I was just so taken with your music and the feeling of being uplifted that I wanted to write and say thank you. Please keep bringing those beautiful sounds to a world sadly in need of beauty and harmony. Peace be with you, Samarah
Michael, your music is so lovely. I'm excited that I can hear it on my all-day XMradio station. Best wishes for future success.
Thank you for your beautiful music... especialy "Letting GoAfterthought." I'm at a point in my life where this is what I am doing with someone I have loved for... well... forever. I needed this. Blessings & Light
"Seven Faces of Home" is a fantastically beautiful song. The music takes me to a place of love and peace. Thank you...
Michael.....Who knew! And why is it I am just hearing these wonderful and haunting sounds? Congratulations Michael....couldn't have happened to a greater guy! Can't wait to hear your next effort. Peace.....
As I was looking through the "Wellness Connections" magazine, I looked at your picture and tried to figue out where I had seen you. It wasn't until I was doing my morning ritual of meditation with "Soundscapes" (Comcast ch.733) that it hit me. WOW!!, I thought, and he's right here in Fresno. Thank you for your beautiful music. I look forward to purchasing your CD. Much continued success!!!!
Seven Faces of Home is one of the most beautiful and haunting songs I have ever heard. I seem to share much the same musical interests as Michaeal's bio indicates. I will be listening closely. Thanks.
Congratulations upon your well deserved success! Heard your piece, 'Percocious,' on XM's Channel 77 on 6/12/2007. May all blessings and success be yours.
Very beautiful.
I just heard your CD, I love it. Great Job Fresno, CA
Heard you for the first time 0n, Verison's Fiber Optics HD, TV Music Channel, here in Germantown, MD. "Wonderful.
Dear Michael, Thank you very much for your wonderful albums. Your music is very expressive and really meditative! It is priseless gift to the world. Keep on your great work! Serge Kozlovsky Independent musical critic
Love everything about you. I think you are a great man. Keep the good work.
Mr. Stribling! How are you doing bud? Great material. I finaly saw your material on my favorite tv radio station (Sound Scapes) on the Music Choice station. Continue the great work! Catch up with you next time I c'ya...
hello michael, my name is gary l coleman, and we seem to have some interesting parallels in our lives. i was listening to Music Choice and heard your work and read the info they post. it mentioned that in the 70's you played drums for mathis. i played percussion for him on a couple of albums during that time. apparently you have worked as a marriage and family therapist. i too have been an MFT since that time combining a private practice in La Canada Ca with my career in the studios. i officially retired from the studio work in 2001 after 37 years and have been writing pieces not too awfully different from your work. i notice that you have a cd with cdbaby as do i. i submitted one of my cds to music choice but don't know if they'll ever play anything. anyway, i enjoyed listening to your work and wanted to touch base with you. are you the same person who does the comic book art work? if your interested, i have 2 websites... and be well gary
good Job! Love the site.
Good evening Mr. Stribling. Music that touches all senses is music that touches one's soul. Your passion and obvious love for music are felt. All I can say is WOW!
If this is you Mr. Stribling. From the University of Phoenix. I think this is so cool.
Michael Patrick... It was a wonderful surprise to see you last night at Gene Friesen's concert. I enjoyed catching up and hearing of you current endeavors. Best wishes. When/where is the release party?
MPS... awesome work! Pix are great and bring a smile to my face remembering sessions past. Keep up the incredible work, bro! (the gray looks good on you)
Too funny! Heard your music via digital cable here in Oregon and loved it. Told my husband I knew of a guy at FSU with that name (back in the Stone Ages) and here you are. I loved watching the FSU jazz band back then and still have the "vinyl." I also never missed your DJ slot on the campus radio. It's nice to see that you've been so successful. Congratulations!
Oustanding work Mr. Stribling. Very professional and moving. Your music demonstrates a high caliber of your musicianship. Your friend, Jason Watkins (UOP)
Songs of Hope and Healing...what else is there to say, i was blown away by just one song before hearing the entire thing. Very placid and blissful...looking forward to really becoming a fan!! Great work
Congrats on the release of the new CD. I think my favorite is Letting Go. Much success to you!
Oops! Forgot to sign in before -- at least I think that's the case. Anyway, checkin' in again to verify CD Launch party, and decided to sign in. YAY! Love, yasista...
Happy Holidays Michael! Your website is awesome and I am definitely going to be purchasing my CD soon! I know you've been working long and hard on this and I am so glad you're on your way! Take care & best wishes always! Nicole (UOP)
I am so proud of you. You are doing exactly what you set out to do. And enjoying yourself. This is just great. Wishing you all the best. God Bless U. Your friend, Jennie
Michael, all of this is so beautiful! I am so happy for you and your courage to continue to follow your bliss.
Both CD's are so soothing and keep my sons dreams full of nature and sweet thoughts. Tonight we are going to play your CD as we sit outside in our gazebo with calming senses.
Your music is beautiful! It brings such a sense of peace...I'll have to get a CD for myself.
I absolutely love you music, it is so awesome and relaxing. It totally helps connect to the inner spirit within. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your page, I think you should add more pictures in your photos column. I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks Denise
Congratulations on your success! Keep in touch. Come visit us in Arizona, we love it here. Again, congratulations and we wish you all the best! Sincerely, Larry & Keri 480-722-0474
Congratulations, Michael! The website is beautiful, and the review of your CD glowing. I'm very happy for you. By the way, I remember the day the photo of the cave was taken. Wow. Didn't know you still had that. Be well.
Keep up the good work
I am thrilled, my favorite kind of music. Carol Watson
Percocious and Stiding Through are definitely my style. Great works!
Michael! Glad you finally have the webpage up and running! It looks great! Congrats!

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