This project is a compilation of music taken from several of my previous CDs. The intention is to provide a musical environment that will help the listener(s) celebrate physical intimacy, emotional closeness, or just quiet time with that special someone.

New for 2015, 14 instrumental new age tracks, soothing and reflective, celebrate the joy of love, growth, healing, and nurturing relationships.


Safely in the Arms of Love was released in 2011. This musical project tells the story of a young highlander's adventures. Fifteen original compositions describe his leaving home for the big city, falling in love, getting in trouble with the authorities, and escaping to freedom.

Released in 2010, Paradise Lost solemnly commemorates the displacement of the Native American peoples at the hands of the "white man" (primarily of European descent).

The Promise follows Everyman's Journey from the hustle and bustle of daily living to the anticipation and promise of the great beyond. Fourteen original compositions cover the gamut of yang and yin, and the transition from life to Life. ZMR Award for Best Electronic Album of 2009.

Released in June 2008, Love, Light, and Water celebrates the hope and promise of new love, the energizing beauty of light, and the sustaining power of water. Fifteen original instrumental compositions form three mini-suites, and all songs are calming and meditative.

Another Day in Paradise was the second release for 2007, following on the heels of Out of the Darkness, Into the Light, which reached #2 in its first month of release (New Age Reporter, January 2007). Literally picking up where the previous CD ended, Another Day in Paradise offers 11 instrumental new age compositions (okay, there are a couple of vocal tracks hidden away in there someplace) that celebrate the major themes of a typical day in paradise.

The follow-up to the #1 debut album (Songs of Hope and Healing), Out of the Darkness, Into the Light celebrates the journey from our ego-driven nature to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. A collection of 10 instrumental compositions moves the listener from frenzy and angst to stillness and peace. There's plenty of evocative heart music, with lush harmonies and moving melodies.

Lifestyle Music Award Winner - Best Electronic Album 2006: Songs of Hope and Healing offers 12 instrumental compositions that reflect a variety of moods, e.g., percussive, meditative, dramatic orchestral, driving rhythmic, introspective, uplifting "heart" music

Journey Within is a long meditative piece that has been used in a variety of settings: waiting rooms, massage therapy, yoga, hypnosis, etc. It's especially nice to put this on before you go to sleep at night. It's also great for little ones' nap time.

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